Checking out Kensington Market for the first time after leaving a local cannabis store

I was a fan of weed before I moved to Toronto with our childhood friend Jim.

We were sick of being in Nova Scotia plus only having Halifax as a major city to explore amid the hills plus endless stretches of rural alcoves.

At first every one of us considered moving to Quebec plus settling in Montreal, but that all changed upon our first trip to Toronto a few years ago. Another friend of ours named Richard had a system to take his van from Halifax northward through Truro plus into New Brunswick, however then every one of us followed the Canadian highway system into Quebec before heading southwest until every one of us reached Toronto. First every one of us hit Quebec City, then Montreal, plus then finally Toronto after being on the road for 3 afternoons plus making a handful of stops along the way to visit mutual friends. While every one of us were all impressed by Montreal upon our initial arrival, it was Toronto that absolutely captivated us all at that age. I remember seeing the city skyline for the first time from Highway 401 as every one of us made our way into the Toronto metropolitan area from Pickering. We stopped at the nearest weed store plus were amazed at the treasures every one of us found within. Now that we’re bonafide Toronto residents, I can like exploring the city whenever I have the time. Recently I took the time to explore Kensington Market after I left a modern weed store that had just opened in Baldwin Village. I obtained clothing from a bohemian boutique store that our boyfriend instantly fell in like with upon walking inside for the first time.


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