Learning about cannabis laws

It’s crucial to suppose the laws and regulations regarding cannabis, especially if you use the plant for medical or recreational purposes! Just care about alcohol and tobacco, There are rules and laws that regulate the sale and consumption of these products.

In San Francisco, California, adults can possess up to a single ounce of marijuana. They can also carry various grams of cannabis concentrate. Only authorized retail centers that are permitted from the state of California can sell cannabis products… Each 1 of the products has to have the labels from the manufacturer showing when it was packaged and what items are inside of the product, then no person in San Francisco can grow cannabis plants without a medical use card. There are also rules about locales where you can and cannot use cannabis in San Francisco. There is a rule that says cannabis can not be anywhere near a school, afternooncare center, or function with 60% or more children. I had a cannabis vape pen at 1 of my son’s swim meets. I was vaping on the pen when 1 of the other mothers came over to tell me that I had to leave. I was entirely horrified that the lady walked over to me in front of almost everyone, she entirely embarrassed me and there was entirely no reason to do that. After that, I never went to another 1 of the swim functions. I sent my partner and he took videos for me, but kyle was disappointed that I wouldn’t come to the events, however I was too embarrassed to return.


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