Taking care of the heating system in Illinois

I’ve been living in Glenview, Illinois for a little over six years, and I’ve gotten used to the weather.

Relocating from down south, it was a huge change for me. Although I’d done my research, there was no way to prepare for temperatures in the teens or even in the negative digits. Seeing snow in the movies did not give me an accurate understanding of the more than three feet we deal with every year. I now know that I need to allow a lot of extra time in the mornings to brush the snow off my car and scrape the ice off the windshield. I’ve hired a guy to plow the driveway, but I still frequently am required to shovel. I spend countless hours clearing the walkways and front steps. I have to dig out a path for the dog because the snow gets so high. I’ve also learned the importance of taking very good care of my furnace. The winter lasts a long time in Glenview. It’s not unusual to run the heating system for eight months and often at maximum capacity. Although my house is equipped with a fairly new and high-efficiency furnace, I’m still shocked over the cost of the monthly energy bills. I make sure to schedule professional service for the heater in the fall. A licensed HVAC technician comes to the house and performs a thorough inspection of all components. He provides cleaning, testing and tuning to optimize operation. He restores maximum heating capacity and efficiency levels which helps to improve comfort and lower expenses. The furnace runs more reliably and should last longer. Plus, this service fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. On my own, I am conscientious about replacing the air filter every month.


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