The cheapest window air conditioner ended up being very loud

I need to stop being so cheap with all of the purchases I make on a day to day basis. It’s one thing to stop at a crappy fast food joint to get something off the value menu so you can get calories in your stomach for less money. However, you shouldn’t be taking your source of transportation to the cheapest mechanic you can possibly find. I lived through that situation more times than I would like to admit over the years. I thought I was paying for brand new brake rotors to be put in my car, but he used old rotors with new brake pads and figured I wouldn’t find out. Needless to say, I never went back to this mechanic again and made sure to leave a negative review on the internet. When I needed a new window air conditioner for my wife’s attic art studio, I was being cheap and figured we could just go with whatever the cheapest model was available at the closest superstore, but this was a critical error. The cheapest window air conditioner in Orland Park, IL also happened to be the loudest one, and I instantly felt bad for my wife upon turning it on for the very first time. I knew that it would be a constant source of anxiety and annoyance so I put it back in the box and returned it to the store. There’s no sense in keeping a $300 machine if it’s too loud for normal, everyday use. Thankfully we found a better window air conditioner that wasn’t nearly as loud while cycling. I should have bought the better window air conditioner from the start.


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