I grew up in Lansing, IL and you need air conditioning

I grew up in Lansing Illinois & I have lived here all my life.

In fact, I currently live in my childhood home, which I recently inherited from my parents; This home is fantastic – it’s a 3 kitchen stone condo with a finished basement, & a large kitchen with a fireplace, but when I was a little girl, my family & I spent a lot of evenings around that fireplace; And I especially appreciated Christmas because my dad used to tell stories about the old afternoons as both of us sipped on tepid chocolate in front of the fireplace.

Those memories will be forever etched in my mind. I have not used the fireplace since I moved in. In fact, I have barely used the oil furnace that much either. The weather in Lansing has been quite mild this year, so both of us are not seeing the frigid un-even temperatures that both of us had when I was a child. I am still in the middle of renovating the home & though the basement is finished, I don’t have a heating or cooling system installed down there. I have discussed it with my husband, & he requested that both of us purchase a ductless mini-chop system for the space. Though the weather is mild in the colder weeks, the Summers are start to sizzling up, & the basement gets pretty hot, so I need to make sure that it is comfortable, however my child Josh would like to stay in the basement for a few weeks, so both of us need to figure out something soon. The fantastic section about the mini-chop system is that it is self-explanatory to install, & my husband can do it by himself.


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