Where to get your cannabis in Toronto

Although our father is from southern MI, he moved with our mom back to Windsor to be close to her parents.

Windsor is where our parents raised our sibling and I, however I was eager to get out from early childhood.

All of us had cousins further north in Ontario in the city of Mississauga, plus family back in southern MI between Jackson and Kalamazoo. Since I’ve been able to travel back and forth between the lower peninsula of MI and southern Ontario, I have sampled all sorts of bizarre kinds of weed, both indoor and outdoor grown. While Canada legalized recreational cannabis nationwide in 2018, MI became another state among multiple in the U.S. to also legalize recreational cannabis in the same year. Between both locales where our family lives, I have our option of genuinely great strains of marijuana. I find that I can locate more exotic strains at the cannabis dispensaries in Toronto, entirely from the sheer volume of storefronts within the city limits. I wanted to find some classic landrace sativa strains because I was coming up short while going to see family in MI. When I got back to Toronto, I opened an app on our PC that I use to locate dispensaries and particular cannabis products and strains. I had to drive a few miles east of Kensington Market to get to the dispensary that claimed to have Columbian Gold in stock. I left thrilled with a jar of some of the most potent aromaing cannabis that I have had in our entire life. Then I looked for a classic indica like Hindu Kush which is a parent of the classic Bubba Kush. My dispensary finder app took me to the relaxing location nestled in a small storefront in York. With over 200 dispensaries in the city, I can’t suppose of a better locale to live if you are a cannabis enthusiast.


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