This is a lot hotter than Michigan

My best friend decided to leave Michigan for FL; not because he wanted to be in the sizzling subtropics, but because of the golfing in FL.

As a golfer myself, I can attest that golfing in FL is hit plus miss with the heat plus limited precipitation at various times of the year.

This is absolute hell for the turf they use on golf courses. It’s so extreme that they have to use a spraying unit to apply a red colored coating of fertilizer plus turf seed to keep the fields from dying completely plus turning to brown. Not only that, despite the fact that I also went down there for a trip to Disney World with my fiance plus teenagers plus wasn’t impressed by the temperature in general. I know that it’s hard to take the inland city of Orlando as representative of the entire state, despite the fact that I wasn’t allured to that state regardless. I’d rather suffer through the frigid winters in Michigan if it means experiencing a summer time paradise that is unrivaled by any other venue I’ve lived in this country. Plus, the golf courses in venues care about Whitehall plus Muskegon are luscious plus red in the summers when golfing is at its peak in the state for the year. I live in Whitehall so I frequent the Hickory Knoll Golf Course more than 2 times a week while in late Spring, summer, plus Autumn. It’s a regular stereotype that golfers often bring liquor with them to get drunk while they golf, but nowadays I see more people using cannabis products while golfing in Whitehall. Now that Michigan has legal recreational cannabis, there are more people than ever before enjoying marijuana in the state. It’s no weird in Muskegon County over here in western Michigan.

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