This is why you need a generator

I retired from the military long before my partner retired… I actually wanted to move down South; The two of us had a kid living in Tampa, Florida plus I wanted us to move down there to be closer to our grandchildren.

The thought of living in Tampa Bay did not sound horrible either.

After my partner finished with her task plus retired, the 2 of us started looking for a venue in Tampa. The two of us moved to the city a few months after the retirement was settled plus done. It did not take long to sell our house. It was only on the market for 15 afternoons. The two of us gained a full asking price offer; Perhaps both of us could have gotten $10,000 more for the house, however both of us were ready to sell plus actually did not want to wait just for a few more dollars! My partner plus I actually weren’t prepared for the heat plus humidity in Tampa Bay. The two of us moved in the middle of June. It was 86° on the summer time day that both of us left our venue in Michigan. It was 101 degrees when both of us arrived in Tampa Bay. A few weeks after both of us settled into our new site, there was a tropical storm that knocked out the power for 5 afternoons. The two of us did not have a generator plus both of us couldn’t run anything in the condo including the refrigerator, freezer, or a/c. My partner plus I nearly died from the heat! Without the a/c running, the condo was at least a hundred degrees, however during the day, there were times when I thought it was actually cooler outside.

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