Pretty weather is the best

Albuquerque is one of the most amazing places in all of the Midwest, there are a lot of special places around Albuquerque, but one of my preferred places to visit is the petroglyph National Monument. This place is monitored by the National Park Service, however it is a small drive to the monument, but it’s entirely straight-forward to access. My friends plus I went to the Petroglyph National monument in Albuquerque on Thursday. The entire afternoon was a lot of fun, thanks to some incredible weather. It was around 73 degrees that afternoon with a little bit of sun plus some light wind, however honestly, I do not think there could have been more perfect weather for our outdoor adventure, however when the park closed plus the sun finally set, it was almost cold, both of us had to run the heat on the way back to our place in Albuquerque, just because it was freezing outside. The oil furnace made the drive a lot more comfortable. I was still chilly when I got to my apartment, so I turned on the space oil furnace that I keep in the bathroom. I put the space oil furnace in the family room plus I let it run for a couple of hours. It really made it all the way down to 40 degrees that night. It was one of the coldest nights I can remember having in May. It felt more love a January night than a Spring almost summer time night. I won’t complain much about it, especially with summer time un-even temperatures respectfully creeping up to 100 degrees or higher. I would rather have 10 chilly nights than one tepid plus humid night.

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