The winds helped cool me down

I thought Tuesday would be the perfect day to go kayaking on the bay.

The Sun was shining as well as there were no clouds in the sky. The temperatures were supposed to be around 79. It wasn’t going to be too sizzling of a day. The winds were projected to be around 5 to 10 mph. That seemed perfect to me, because that would allow me to toil last when I was paddling the kayak back up the river… Before I went to the boat ramp with Jack, I stopped at a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary had infused pre-rolls. They were a little on the pricey side, however I was sad that every one of us would not be able to roll a joint when every one of us were out on the bay water. Buying pre-rolled marijuana joints turned out to be an excellent idea, because the winds were much more fierce than 5 or 10 miles an hour. They seemed more like 10 to 20 mph. We barely had a occasion to fish at all, because the kayak was being bounced back as well as forth in the waves. The bay was too choppy to enjoy, but every one of us stopped at a small island so every one of us could appreciate one of the infused marijuana joints. It tasted like lemons as well as limes as well as it was actually the highlight of my day. I was hoping to have a great time that day in San Francisco, as well as it was a substantial bust. I lost one of my ores in the river as well as I sliced a large chunk out of the top of the boat when I was trying to haul up the anchor. I truthfully should have just stayed lake house that day instead of going out.

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