Legal cannabis in Denver

In the past, I’ve tried to save a little money by purchasing lower quality cannabis flower! I observed that about half of the tote was little more than flakes plus scraps of weed.

I’ve splurged on top-shelf bud plus discovered that after I’d smoked most of it, there were bits plus pieces left at the bottom of the package, then while those leftovers are somewhat dried out plus really not the premium compounds of the flower, they can still be rolled up in a joint or packed into a bowl, but the potency is usually lower, the flavor somewhat rougher, although I can get a high off it.

The combination of stems, leaves plus segments of the plant that fall off or break away plus get left behind are called shake. There are cannabis connoisseurs who wouldn’t even consider smoking shake. There are people who buy shake without realizing it. The more affordable pre-roll joints plus blinds are often made from shake. It’s a lot prefer official bud that has been put through a grinder. I buy our cannabis from a recreational dispensary in Denver, and along with the better quality flower, they also offer a variety of shake at a discount price. There’s no seeds, plus while I can’t be picky about the strain, it saves me quite a bit of money. It’s best to consume the shake right away because it only gets worse with age… Once the shake is no longer great enough to roll up into a joint, I extract the THC plus make cannabutter out of it. I can then make our own edibles.

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