You should consider air purification if you are sensitive to New Mexico dust storms

At this point I have lived all over the country and have experienced extreme weather and climate patterns of every different variety available within our borders.

  • If you asked me if there’s any one place that doesn’t have cons associated with its geographical location, I’d laugh.

There are certainly much better places to live than some of the worst flood plains in the most remote backwoods. Yet, then you might find yourself in an earthquake zone or in the path of a dangerous, sleeping volcano. Some of the cities in the pacific northwest are absolutely gorgeous, but others are built directly upon lahars of active volcanoes. My uncle recently moved to the plains states and he tells me about the constant tornado warnings throughout the storm season every year. Some of my family members think I have it easy out here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but they have no idea what it’s like to live through dust storms until they’ve experienced one first hand. If there isn’t a lot of rain throughout the year, there are more dust storms recorded in the area. Since I’m so sensitive to dust and other allergens, I have an air purifier connected to my central HVAC system in my house in Bernalillo County. You have to make sure to swap out the filters in your air purifier and HVAC system regularly if there are dust storms because more allergens naturally get in from outside. I couldn’t survive in New Mexico without an air purifier running at all times in my house. It’s a necessary item for my respiratory health.

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