There are so many different events on 420 this year

My friends and I were looking for 420 events in San Francisco.

We really wanted to find the best deals on marijuana in San Francisco.

It didn’t matter if we had to drive a couple of extra miles or sit outside and wait until the doors opened in the morning. I was ready to fight for the best deals on marijuana in San Francisco. My friends and I called a lot of the local dispensaries so we could find out who had the best prices. One particular place told us that they are going to have vendors, food trucks, a radio station DJ, and lots of free giveaways. That definitely sounds like the type of place that will have a lot of specials on marijuana flower and cannabis extracts. Cannabis extracts are my favorite. I prefer to vape instead of smoking dried flower. The dried flower makes my throat feel Itchy and Scratchy. It makes me cough and hack in the morning. Vaping marijuana concentrate does not have the same effect on my body. I still get just as high as I did smoking flower, but the concentrates are much gentler on my body. My friends and I found several different events that look like they are going to be fun. Our first plan of action is to wait at one of the stores that is giving away $100 worth of free merchandise to the first 50 people that walk through that door. I’ll stand outside the dispensary at 3 in the morning. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I am getting a good deal on marijuana in San Francisco.

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