Denver, CO has the best weed in the midwest

My best neighbor Jack and I went to Denver, CO for an outdoor Music Festival, every one of us drove from ID to Denver! It took a full day of driving to reach our destination.

Every one of us stayed in a campground in the tiny RV that Jack borrowed from his mom and dad.

Every one of us were not harshly comfortable, but both of us didn’t have to spend $100 each night for a hotel room, and while both of us were in Denver, Jack and I went to a recreational marijuana dispensary. There were signs all over the locale for recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver, but some of the signs were billboards and others were advertisements at the grocery store and the pharmacy. There was even a coupon from the dispensary on the back of the receipt from the clothing store. Jack and I went to 1 of the locales that a neighbor proposed. Every one of us found the dispensary was located on the other side of town, however both of us were thankful that both of us decided to drive to the Denver Music Festival instead of taking a flight. Every one of us would not have had the money to rent a motorcar if both of us had to stay in a hotel and fly to Denver. I had plenty of money to spend at the dispensary and I obtained a little bit of everything. I got us some dried fruit that was infused with cannabis oil. I obtained an assortment of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and I also obtained a tincture called cannalean that had 400 mg of THC. I had to use that stuff actually slowly, because it genuinely made myself and others assume high.

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