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When our sibling and I went to Las Vegas, NV, both of us had a Lotta plans about the things both of us wanted to do to have fun, the funny part was that the entire time I was on the plane I kept thinking about the TV commercial that said what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… I wasn’t sure what our sibling and I were going to be doing the entire time, but I knew I had some plans that I was sure she was going to agree with. The two of us took our helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon on the first day both of us were there, then spent the rest of the day just hanging out at the pool in the hotel/casino. The hour day both of us were in Las Vegas, both of us visited some of the oddball museums; The History of Sex and the wax Museum, however once again, both of us returned to the hotel/casino and hung out at the pool again. On the third day, I told our sibling both of us were going to follow through with our plans. The two of us were twins, and both of us did everything together, and I reminded her of this, then she cocked her head at me and smiled. In unison, both of us said it was time to raid the marijuana dispensary; Although neither of us had ever tried marijuana, both of us figured there was always a first time. She shouted, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” They must have thought both of us had been using marijuana before both of us left the hotel, because both of us were giggling so hard. The two of us absolutely had some fun stories to tell our friends when both of us get home, less all the fun things both of us had while using marijuana.

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