The spa furnace needed service

My wifey plus I treated ourselves last fall; The two of us had a moderate tub plus spa added to the backyard. The whole project was rather lavish, however it came together nicely in the end! My wifey plus I hired a heating corporation in Orland Park to perform all of the work. The heating corporation in Orland Park had experience in construction plus residential heating. The woman was perfect for the job… She had a lot of great ideas that my wifey plus I undoubtedly enjoyed. She installed all of the machinery in one afternoon plus the next afternoon she installed all of the affixions, however when the job was completed, the corporation gave me a 6-week warranty on the work plus I also had a warranty from the manufacturer on all of the parts… About many weeks after the people I was with and I started using the moderate tub, the people I was with and I had an issue. There was no heat getting to the spa. The water was undoubtedly cold. My wifey plus I contacted the heating corporation as soon as the people I was with and I realized there was a problem. The heating corporation happily came out to the property to check on the machine. The Orland Park heating corporation did not charge us anything for the repair call. She replaced a control component plus the pool started to heat up again. The corporation claimed the control component was faulty from the distributor plus told us to call if there were any other issues that prevent us from using our up-to-date moderate tub plus spa. The heating corporation gave excellent purchaser repair plus a quality repair. Maybe it was just a faulty section from the manufacturer.


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