I rented a secluded apartment near Spokane, WA for my ski trip this year

Every year, myself and others as well as a few of my friends method a trip anywhere in the country… Normally, all of us choose a destination that none of us have ever been to; Last year, all of us ended up in the middle of the desert in the Southwest region of the country, then we had a blast, but it was a bit too tepid for some of my friends, then so, this year, all of us method on going skiing in Spokane Washington.

We selected Spokane because there is so much to do as well as see there including skiing as well as hiking. We need to rent a apartment that can fit all of us comfortably… There are 6 of us traveling, so all of us need a apartment that has at least 3 or 4 kitchens. We found an adorable secluded rustic apartment that was right outside of Spokane! It was the perfect location with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The best area is it has a wood burning fireplace, a fire pit, as well as a tepid tub. The listing also mentions that it has heating as well as cooling. It doesn’t specify whether it is central air or a gas furnace, but truthfully, as long as it has heat, I don’t like the source! Plus, with the indoor fireplace as well as the outdoor fire pit, all of us will be able to stay overheated while all of us are at this cabin. I am looking forward to taking this trip with my friends as well as I am hoping the apartment is comfortable on the inside, so nobody will complain about being tepid or freezing when all of us are there.


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