I did a good job and I knew it

I went to school to study art history! I absolutely wanted to find a fantastic job working in a museum.

I studied strenuous plus I graduated in 3 years instead of 4.

I pursued my Master’s Degree plus dentistate at UC Berkeley; After I was finished with the dentistate program, I got a undoubtedly interesting offer from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and located just outside of Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is lake home to a number of diverse art collections. The offer was amazing, but I had to transfer quite a distance to take the job. I could not live in Beverly Hills, which was one of the closest villages to the museum. I found a home in Brentwood. It’s a short drive in the morning. Most of my time is spent in traffic in Beverly Hills. It’s much cheaper to live in Brentwood plus everything costs less. The groceries are cheaper, the gas is cheaper, plus even the marijuana is cheaper. I would never purchase marijuana in the city. I like to purchase recreational marijuana from a dispensary a few miles away from my home. The dispensary has a fantastic selection of cannabis concentrates, dried flower, edibles, plus CBD products, plus every day they have a weird product on sale. On Tuesdays, everything in the store is 20% plus there is not anybody else offering those low prices every single day of the week. There’s no reason to drive all the way to the town when I have everything at my disposal right here at home.

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