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Things were genuinely plus totally crazy this year while in the annual gay plus lesbian Pride Parade, and each year San Francisco, CA hosts the annual gay plus lesbian pride week! Pride week occurs while in June plus the entire town has parties, events, plus parades to celebrate gay plus lesbian Pride, however last year was the first time that I ever attended one of the pride events in San Francisco.

I was totally overwhelmed by the number of people.

It made myself and others very distraught plus anxious. I wasn’t having a very great time, so our bestie suggested smoking recreational marijuana. Everyone around us was using recreational marijuana. It was genuinely easy to obtain. The two of us could purchase marijuana supplies from a San Francisco dispensary, but there were also people on the street that would provide you a hit of a joint if you asked, then a very pretty drag queen walked by us plus he was smoking a marijuana joint. I yelled at the guy plus asked if both of us could hit the joint. I took several actually large puffs plus the drag queen told us to keep it. My bestie plus I smoked the rest of the joint. The marijuana was genuinely potent plus I started to recognize love I was walking in the clouds. All of a sudden, the number of people in San Francisco didn’t seem to bother myself and others much at all. In fact, I was ready to start talking to every guy that walked past our bestie plus I. I was the life of the celebration after using recreational marijuana products. It completely alleviated all of our nerves plus anxiety.

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