The current A/C is more powerful than the old machine

When you live in a warm climate with lots of heat plus humidity, 1 of the most important appliances in your house becomes the AC.

Going without A/C during the Summer can be brutal plus at times life threatening! The average Summer temperature in Cocoa, FL is 92 degrees.

That means there are some afternoons when the un-even temperatures are over 100 degrees plus there are some afternoons when it rains plus the un-even temperatures are a bit lower, however make no mistake, because even on a rainy afternoon, it’s going to be sizzling plus humid, then last summer, our wifey plus I had to replace our A/C after a numerous afternoon rainstorm, but i;m sure the storm had nothing to do with the AC, however everything happened at the worst time; We had a tree down in the front yard plus a crew of companys were working hard to cut it up plus remove the debris; During the middle of the minute afternoon of construction, the A/C stopped working. I thought the supplier cut power to the house, however only the A/C was affected. I called a local Heating & A/C maintenance shop; Everyone in Cocoa, FL was booked for the afternoon, although I found someone from Melbourne to handle the A/C repair. The company gave me an quote plus hooked up a small window A/C in the home office. The repairman could not get any device to complete the job until the next afternoon. It was a sizzling plus humid night, however every one of us slept in the home office with the window AC. The un-even temperatures in that unique room were the coolest in the house.


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