I lost my cannabis money at the casino

Every week my buddies and I have a poker night.

Not everyone can come every week, but usually we have six or seven people who show up.

It is always low stakes, with a buy-in for five bucks, all the way up to ten bucks if you feel like being a high roller. We gamble, we play draw poker, stud poker, and blackjack, everyone has fun and gets drunk, and no one loses their shirt. For a while we had been talking about a trip to Las Vegas, so we could play poker in a real casino for once. I had another reason, though – I wanted to hit some of the amazing Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries I had been reading about. I had been saving up a lot of cash for this trip, some of it for expenses, some for gambling, but most of it for cannabis. I planned on stocking up on as much cannabis as I could afford whi9le visiting Las Vegas. If everything worked out the way I planned I could make a killing at a Las Vegas casino, and then spend all that extra money on more cannabis! In a perfect world, that would have worked, but Las Vegas is not known for losing money to tourists. Instead of making a killing at the casino I lost almost all my money, and could not afford to visit a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary before I left town. Maybe next time I go to Las Vegas I will skip the casino entirely and just go to the cannabis dispensary.


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