Using a podcast to advertise my HVAC business

I am happy to say that after almost eight months of recording, my podcast is finally the #1 show from Orland Park, Illinois.

You might think that I don’t have a lot of competition, but then you probably don’t know much about podcasting.

It does not matter where you go, there are a lot of podcasts from that place. There are literally tens of thousands of podcasts in this country alone, and that number is far higher when you look at the whole planet. It took a lot of work just to get this far, so forgive me if I pause to enjoy the moment. At any given time there are eighty to a hundred different podcasts that originate from Orland Park, that number is mercurial because new shows come, and old shows disappear, on a regular basis. Just keeping my show going for two years has been a feat unto itself, and as it stands I am the only show about HVAC systems and home repair in the Orland Park area. Most of the shows that originate from Orland Park are about high school and college sports, because that;s what people care about around here. MY show offers helpful tricks and tips for your HVAC system, your ductwork, space heaters, furnaces, water boilers, and more! I try to keep the show focused on Orland Park, because that is where my HVAC repair shop is located, and I use the podcast as long-form advertising for my business. If you are in Orland Park and need furnace work, look me up on Facebook!

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