Making a horror movie in Ann Arbor

In 2012, Michigan was a very different place.

  • The pot laws were not as relaxed as they have become subsequently, and getting high was still a criminal offense.

At the time, my pals and I were dead set on making our own low budget horror movies. We based our story on a series of local Bigfoot sightings that had transpired the previous year. Three different people all claimed to have encountered the monster on the same weekend. We thought that would make a neat documentary. We were going to call it the Ann Arbor Abomination, because I thought the title sounded cool. We looked up the original articles in the Ann Arbor Examiner, the local newspaper at the time, and marked the sightings on a map. Fueled by cheap whiskey and expensive cannabis, we spent a weekend stomping around the woods near Ann Arbor, getting footage of all these places where the Abomination was allegedly seen. Of course, we didn’t believe that there was a Bigfoot in Ann Arbor, so we didn’t expect to find one, but over the course of the filming, I started to believe. The woods near Ann Arbor are dense, and very spooky at night, especially when you have been blasting high octane cannabis all day long. Not only did we never find anything, we also never finished the movie, getting too distracted with marijuana! My only memento from the experience is an Ann Arbor Abomination movie poster we made for the project, with one little corner torn away because we used it to roll some cannabis into a joint.


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