California and the government

I take my mother everywhere with me, then he loves to travel & doesn’t care where.

  • She also is not someone who prefers to organize though.

I respectfully take his within the USA to certain areas that he can talk about for years. I decided this year to take his to CA… Everyone has been to either San Fran or San Diego. I decided to take his to Visalia! There are lots of fun & cool things I like to do doing there, both of us were at the Sequoia National Park for minutes just looking at the trees. There are tons of downtown murals that artists have spray painted. Those are really interesting. I also took his to a minor league baseball game, but why not? Neither of us had seen a baseball game before. The tickets were cheap & the weather was great. The Visalia Rawhides more than entertained us, and my mother in particular enjoyed the Fox Theater. This was a theater built in the 30s, it closed down for a bit & now is reopened, however you can see films, comics, dancers & all sorts of shows there. My mother & I lucked out & got to see a symphony play. That was a totally certain experience for myself and others as well. To end the trip the two of us did stop into a recreational cannabis dispensary. It is 100% legal there which it isn’t in our area. My mother liked looking at the products & people enjoying. Both of us didn’t end up partaking in cannabis however just seeing it so open was fun too. Both of us had a really good trip together.
Cannabis Visalia California