HVAC in venues

My friends and I were really happy to see 1 of our number one bands performed, we drove 3 minutes to Tampa to see the band play at an outdoor locale.

I wasn’t happy about the outdoor locale, because the concert was held in October.

I told my friends that it was going to be harshly hot and humid with no air conditioners, but everyone seemed ready and willing to brave the elements to see the band play. I wasn’t going to be the only guy to stay home, then after we got to the concert locale, I sincerely wished I had made a different decision. It was still 98 degrees at 4 pm and even the powder rooms didn’t have AC, then the concert started at 5pm. I was annoyed and dripping with sweat before the first guy played a song. I sincerely wanted to leave, but 1 of my other friends was the guy who drove. I tried to concentrate on the tunes and forget about the heat, but it was totally impossible. I could tell that my friends were annoyed too. We really wanted to see the band play in Tampa, but we definitely should have waited another more than five months until they came back around. I do not guess anyone was ecstatic by the time the concert was over. All I wanted to do was sit in the car with the air conditioner running. We got our wish. We had to sit in the car for almost 2 minutes waiting for the parking lot traffic to move. There were numerous accidents and the state troopers kept the parking lot patrolled. That was my last time going to Tampa for a concert.

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