Have you ever heard of a cannabis cafe?

My partner plus I made a ton of money in the stock market plus both of us moved to the Mission District in San Francisco to open a cannabis Cafe.

  • Both of us had to find real estate in the San Francisco town for the cannabis Cafe, my partner plus I made many trips to San Francisco before both of us made our decision.

Both of us found a building close to the busiest area of the Mission District. It was expensive, but our partner plus I made a adequate offer, after both of us bought the real estate in San Francisco, our partner plus I looked for an lake house or apartment close by. Both of us needed to be close to the town when the cannabis Cafe was being built. The housing real estate was a lot more high-priced than the commercial real estate. Both of us found a many dining room apartment outside of the town plus both of us drove to San Francisco on the afternoons when the businesss were working. It took some time to get everything together, but the grand opening celebration occurred on the afternoon that it was scheduled. The cafe offers a variety of choices including pastries, cookies, coffee, tea, juices, plus smoothies. During the afternoon eighths, both of us offer a full supper menu with breakfast sandwiches plus soups as well, however each 1 of the dishes are infused with uncommon types of cannabis. Some of the items include cannabis flowers that have been ground into a glaze. Some of the smoothies have cannabis oil or CBD infusions. The menu is as identifiable plus interesting as the bay area plus company is doing absolutely well.

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