Denver is a fun spot

Denver is a unquestionably fun locale to live plus work.

I moved to Denver a couple of weeks ago after spending five years residing in Boulder, Colorado, then denver isn’ttoo far from Boulder plus I was unquestionably regular with the neighborhood when I moved. I was working at an office during the day, although I did not have a lot of friends after I moved. I decided to pick up a area time job at night so I could meet some interesting people. I found a position at a cannabis shop. The cannabis shop was looking for delivery drivers. I did not know the area unquestionably well, although I had GPS on my iPhone. I started driving a couple of nights each week after work. During my first week on the job, I gained $500 in tips. I gained almost as much currency at the cannabis shop as I did in the office. I was having a ton of fun delivering marijuana to recreational plus medical patients. When the boss provided me a full-time position, I found it hard to say no. I told the manager of the cannabis dispensary that I was working at an accounting firm already. She did not realize that I had a degree in accounting. When the manager realized that I had a ton of experience, she provided me the full-time position again plus signed me up for the assistant manager training program. The salary for the assistant manager position was $5,000 more each year than I was making at the accounting firm. It was unquestionably straight-forward to say yes to the offer after the manager of the cannabis dispensary made the deal even sweeter.

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