The rent prices are way too high

It was amazing living in Old Toronto within a few blocks of the shores of Lake Ontario.

My best friend lived on the floor above me plus our job was easy to access with just our trusty bicycle.

Unfortunately, rent went up everywhere after the pandemic plus I had to look for an home in a odd neighborhood in Toronto that I could afford. It’s like this for several of the people in our outdated building who were like me plus didn’t have more than five figure incomes. My next door neighbor worked at the shipping plus receiving piers at the Port Lands, chopping his back everyday to gain barely enough money to survive. He told me that he was quitting his job plus moving back to northern Ontario to be with his family of fishermen in Thunderbay. He said it’s not worth it for him to barely survive in Toronto, even if the weed is better down here. I looked at a number of odd towns before finding a relaxing home next to the Evergreen Brick Works in Rosedale. This is an harshly convenient location when you don’t have a car to get around the city, especially with cannabis dispensaries in every conceivable direction. Evergreen Brick Works is an eco-complex with a weekend farmers’ market, event center, plus nature trails. It’s nice to take our cannabis vaporizer on walks through the trails on days when I need to relax our mind from the stressors of life. Even though Toronto has parks on nearly every town block, I assume certainly blessed to have walking access to a locale like Evergreen Brick Works in Rosedale.

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