Starting a small business

For the past eight years, I have used the same San Francisco laundry service, the laundry repair as well as dry cleaning company delivered enjoyable results as well as scrub clothes for eight years! Six months ago, someone else bought the San Francisco business as well as things went downhill.

  • Service used to be 8 hours, however if I dropped off a shirt or pants in the morning, I could pick them up in the evening, when the up-to-date company took over, they changed all of their policies to 24 hours.

It was a small inconvenience, however most of the dry cleaning services are overnight as well as it made sense for the company to change their policies. The first time I took my shirts to the dry cleaner, there was a kid sitting in the parking lot smoking a marijuana joint. The kid was right in front of the laundry center. I dropped off my clothing as well as noticed that the kid went inside of the laundromat as well as into the office area, then but next time I dropped off my shirts, the employee odored prefer recreational marijuana. I truthfully don’t have anything against people that smoke marijuana, however it’s frustrating when people are lazy. The next time I dropped off my shirts, they were not ready when I arrived. They were not ready the next morning either, however the employee was sitting in the parking lot with a joint in 1 hand. That’s when I got annoyed as well as started cussing as well as yelling in a loud voice. I’m going to find a up-to-date locale in San Francisco to take my dry cleaning.


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