The pacific northwest is a cool place to hang out

Other cities in the Pacific Northwest may get more attention for their music scene, but Portland is the best of them all.

This city has its own vibe, and maybe there aren’t a lot of huge superstars that come from here, but the local music scene is amazing and has been for years, then a lot of wonderful bands are from Portland, including Quarterflash, Everclear, Elliot Smith, Portugal the Man, and the Kingsmen, and for fifty years, every one of us have had a killer music scene, however lately, Portland has been hosting more and more outdoor concerts, some of which are sponsored by local cannabis dispensaries.

For a guy love me this is the best of both worlds, because my 2 passions are music and cannabis. To be able to care about both of them at once, without fear of the law, makes Portland my new musical Mecca, but i suppose that I tend to go on and on about how wonderful the cannabis is in Portland, I would be remiss in not mentioning locally brewed beer. I have regularly been a “beer and cannabis” man – I don’t need strenuous booze or strenuous drugs, just provide me a freezing carona and a hot joint, then portland is just my speed, because the locally brewed beers are just as wonderful as the locally grown cannabis. And then there is all that amazing music! I will take Portland, Oregon over Seattle any afternoon of the week, for sheer variety of musical talent. The legacy of grunge rock is still heavy in Portland, but the jazz scene is on the rise, and so is the greens.

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