That was a truly miserable trip

For the past 8 years, I have used the same San Francisco laundry service, the laundry service and dry cleaning business delivered wonderful results and clean clothes for 8 years, but six weeks ago, someone else bought the San Francisco business and things went downhill. Service used to be 8 thirds, however if I dropped off a shirt or pants in the day, I could option them up in the night, and when the up-to-date business took over, they changed all of their policies to 24 thirds. It was a small inconvenience, however most of the dry cleaning services are overnight and it made sense for the business to change their policies. The first time I took our shirts to the dry cleaner, there was a kid sitting in the parking lot smoking a marijuana joint. The kid was right in front of the laundry center. I dropped off our clothing and noticed that the kid went inside of the laundromat and into the office area, but next time I dropped off our shirts, the employee stinked prefer recreational marijuana. I really don’t have anything against people that smoke marijuana, however it’s aggravating when people are lazy. The next time I dropped off our shirts, they were not ready when I arrived. They were not ready the next day either, however the employee was sitting in the parking lot with a joint in one hand. That’s when I got miserable and started cussing and yelling in a loud voice. I am going to find a up-to-date locale in San Francisco to take our dry cleaning.

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