The snowfall caused my car to have major problems

Thursday evening, I had the furnace repaired.

We were expecting snow the next day and I knew the furnace needed service.

We were expecting 10 inches or more of snow on Friday, but I was hoping to make it home before the weather got too bad. I had to work until 4 and then I got on the interstate and headed back home towards Lansing. I work in Chicago, but I live in Lansing because it is a much cheaper place. Lansing is south of Chicago close to Lake Michigan. I was on the 90 heading south towards home when the snow started. The flakes were very big and they were sticking to the car, windshield, and all of the surfaces on the roads. When it started snowing, the clouds made everything very dark and gloomy. The snowfall caused my car to have major problems. The first issue occurred when I was 15 minutes outside of Lansing. The car heater stopped blowing warm air. None of the temperature gauges in the car seemed to be affected by the problem with the car heater, so I assumed the problem was due to the fan. I turned off the heater and it got cold inside of the car very quickly. As I was getting off the interstate, my car started to sputter. I barely made it home before the whole car shut down. I know these issues aren’t really due to the snowfall, but I can’t help thinking the cold temperatures had something to do with the problems. Now I have to find someone to work on the heater in my car after just fixing the heater in my home.


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