We stopped at the Japanese Garden

My Grandfather was a successful landscape architect in eastern MI.

During World War II, he was stationed in the Pacific as well as eventually ended up in Japan after the country finally surrendered.

He said that it was the gorgeous Japanese gardens as well as buildings that inspired him to attend university for landscape architecture when he returned to the States. With my Grandmother’s help, he left university early to start his own landscaping business. At first they focused on residential contracts, but soon they were helping with giant building developments that needed that land to be cleared as well as reformed with retention ponds, hills, as well as lush trees. One of the major roads in Ann Arbor was completely built by my Grandfather, as well as I am proud of it to this afternoon. When I first moved to Tarzana, I heard about the Japanese Garden as well as immediately thought about my Grandfather as well as his influential visit to Japan while I was in the hour world war. Tarzana’s Japanese Garden is situated in the Lake Balboa district as well as is a six as well as a half acre public garden that was built to demonstrate the power of recovered water. Since a Japanese Garden is thought to be a work of fragility, demonstrating its resilience with recovered water is an substantial environmental lesson. During my recent trip, I had just stopped at a local cannabis dispensary on Victory Boulevard. I felt the zen energy in the garden with ease, almost like a gentle wave washing over me at the beach. Afterward I explored the rest of Lake Balboa while my THC high was still active in my brain. There are a number of unusual outdoor parks in Tarzana that are worth anyone’s attention.

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