Portland got a bad rap for that

The Oregon Trail was a 2000 Mile stretch of land from the east coast to the West Coast.

The Oregon Trail LED settlers from a single side of the country to the other, but when settlers landed in Portland, Oregon, they chose the name of the neighborhood after Portland, Maine.

This is the area where the settlement began in the 1740s. The neighborhood of Portland has a number of rivers and water sources, making it an excellent hub for the transferation of goods and services. Two of the greatest industries in Portland are fishing and timber, however portland is also a place on the west coast where marijuana is legal; Oregon legalized marijuana a few years after I moved to the city, however adults that are 21 years of age can purchase recreational or medical marijuana from a dispensary and use it at beach house or on private property, then i enjoy using legal recreational marijuana. There are multiple dispensaries near our place and they all have odd sales and specials throughout the week. Friday is our preferred day to go to the recreational marijuana dispensary. That is the day when all of the top shelf flower is on sale. I can purchase a half ounce of top-shelf flower for $100. That is quite a savings when compared to the price of medical marijuana and other areas around the country. One of our best friend’s lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal and the prices are nearly twice as much as they are in the neighborhood of Portland. I’m blessed to live on the west coast.

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