We did something totally out of the modest for our birthday

My wifey plus I decided to do something totally deranged plus out of the modest for our birthday this year.

First, we flew all the way to the other side of the country so we could visit the west coast plus CA for the first time; We flew into the town of San Francisco plus stayed there for a week.

While we were in San Francisco, we saw a number of the tourist attractions like Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge plus Park, San Francisco Bay, plus the redwood trees. We stayed in a hotel close to the bay plus we had a balcony outside our room. While we were there, we smelled someone smoking marijuana outside on the balcony; My wifey plus I both made a comment about the smell. We both seemed to look at each other with the same grin. My wifey was the first person to mention going to a dispensary in San Francisco. I thought it sounded like a superb idea, although I was trying not to look too excited. My wifey plus I got dressed plus we looked for a arena nearby. We did not have any trouble finding a dispensary in San Francisco. There were 50 or 60 listed on the Google Maps app. We had to slim down our search to a few blocks from the hotel where we were staying. We found numerous arenas close by plus 1 of them had a first-time patient special that was 30% off. My wifey plus I weren’t planning to buy too several things, but a discount actually attracted us to that dispensary.

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