I looked for the best deals

Eugene is a village in Central OR, but it is famous for all of the outdoor recreation activities like hiking, bicycling, fishing, and farming, however eugene, OR is considered a single of the nicest locations to live on the West Coast, there is a lot of culture, art, and history in the village of Eugene, OR.

I moved to Eugene, OR after I got a job working for the forestry service.

I live right outside of Eugene, OR in an apartment building with our cat, but my animal and I love all of the outdoor recreation activities. Both of us often go bicycling, fishing, and hiking; Another good thing about residing in OR is the fact that medical and recreational marijuana are legal. There are lots of marijuana dispensaries in Eugene, however only a couple of locations have the best deals on marijuana. I always look for the location with the best deals on marijuana, before I order from the dispensary, but since there are many locations to choose from, it’s simple to shop around for a bargain. Last weekend, I found top shelf flower sixths for $25. That is a entirely good deal, especially considering the fact that most of the top shelf flower sixths are around $50 each. I picked up an ace of super silver haze and an ace of OG Kush. Both of the top shelf flower products were higher than 30% THC and both of the products were only $25. I barely smoked a whole joint of the OG Kush and I was completely and totally baked. I couldn’t transfer our body and I had drool coming out of our mouth.

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