We got high and road the Sandia Peak Tramway

I was bored every weekend before moving to Albuquerque.

My rural community in southern Colorado had a lot to offer in natural beauty from the wildlife to the whole plant ecosystem, but I wanted a bigger town or a small city to live in. It’s hard to be satisfied in your 20s when you can’t go out and spend time with other people your age. And since I lived in the tri-state area near the Oklahoma and Kansas borders, I was surrounded with farmland and prairie desolation in every conceivable direction. After moving to Albuquerque and making new friends, I was constantly asked how I liked the mountains in Colorado before leaving. People are shocked when I tell them that my tiny hometown was so close to Kansas that I might as well have been in that state from the start. Sure there is plenty of flat land in the Albuquerque area that looks flat and desolate, especially to the west, but there is the Sandia Mountain range to the east. One of my favorite pastimes in Albuquerque is getting high and riding the Sandia Peak Tramway with my friends. Until a few years ago, the Sandia Peak Tramway was the longest cable car tram system in the world. Although it has had a number of critical failures over the years, the tramway has been improved numerous times. Nowadays it can handle any ice or snow from Albquerque’s cold winters. It’s amazing looking out over the valley from atop Sandia Peak at over 10,000 feet above sea level. It’s a sight to behold, especially with cannabis in your system.


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