The seattle seahawks have gone down hill the last few seasons

Every Sunday for the past 20 years, my friends and I have watched the Seattle Seahawks play football.

We never miss a game. I have lived in Seattle my whole life and I am a fan of all of the professional teams. I love the SuperSonics and the Seahawks and I never miss a Mariners game either. When it is football season, my friend Jack and I host football games every week. One week I host the games and the next week my friend Jack hosts all of the games. We always get plenty of beer and recreational marijuana supplies. It’s nice to live in a state and city where recreational marijuana is legal, especially on game day. We can even get marijuana supplies delivered to the house, because everybody offers free delivery in town. Being high takes the sting out of watching the Seattle Seahawks get beaten every single week. We had a couple of good Seattle seasons, but the team has gone downhill in the last few seasons. Last weekend my friends and I were watching the game and we watched the Seattle team blow a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter. It was a major upset for the team and it knocked them out of any chance of making the playoffs. If it weren’t for a bit of recreational marijuana, I probably would have had a meltdown, I had $1,000 on the game and the team didn’t even cover the point spread after they blew the lead. I need to stop gambling on the losing teams.


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