My husband was offered a job in Evansville, Indiana.

Last month, my husband was offered a job in Evansville, Indiana.

I had told him I wanted to live in the country, the third largest city in Indiana.

It only had about 118,000 people living there, but it was still a city. I also wanted to find out what the temperatures were like in Evansville. The temperatures were much different in Evansville, Indiana than what they were where we now lived. Now my question was whether we were going to have our own home, or have to live in an apartment? I didn’t like the idea of living in an apartment, or even living in a double house. I wanted to have complete control over my own HVAC system, and how much heating or air conditioning I was allowed to use. If I had my own home, I would need to: HVAC company and make sure the HVAC system was running well. We had a lot of cold winters where we came from, and I knew that in Evansville, Indiana, there were also going to be some cold times through the winter. The biggest difference between Evansville, Indiana and where I live, is that I didn’t see where they had any negative temperatures last winter whereas we had 22 of them. Maybe Evansville, Indiana isn’t looking so bad right now. I’ll need to make sure we have a private home, and then I’ll need to find a HVAC company. If I’m going to move, I want to make sure I have good heating and air conditioning.


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