Can I purchase recreational marijuana while visiting Eugene, OR?

My best friend recently moved to Eugene, Oregon, with her fiancé. She wasn’t even there a week, when she called to tell me everything that was going on. She’d already found a job, and she was looking to get back into school. She told me that as soon as they got settled in their new home; she wanted me to come visit and stay for a while. I asked her what her husband thought about the idea of my coming to Eugene, Oregon for a visit, and she told me he was happy about the idea. I wanted to know what was so different about Eugene, Oregon from where they previously lived? She told me they had recreational marijuana in Eugene, Oregon. I had to laugh, because although we had medical marijuana legalized in our state, we were still fighting to have recreational marijuana legalized. I asked her if I could purchase recreational marijuana even though I wasn’t a resident of the city, or even the state? She told me that as long as I had an ID, which proved I was over 21; I could purchase recreational marijuana. The only stipulation to my purchasing recreational marijuana when not a citizen of Oregon was that it had to be used in Oregon. I could go to any of the marijuana dispensaries in Eugene, Oregon, and make all the purchases I wanted, but I had to use it all before I left. I had to make a mental note to make sure I didn’t purchase too much recreational marijuana while in Eugene, Oregon.

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