A nice trip down to Santa Barbara

My fiance and I are getting married this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.

We wanted to go overseas but due to COVID, we were limited to stateside.

I figured California would offer a lot of things to do and decent weather in December. I have us flying into San Francisco and driving immediately down to Carmel by the Sea. That is where we are going to get married. Afterwards the two of us are going to drive south to Big Sur. We plan to hike and relax in the giant house that I booked us for a few days. After that we are driving further down south to Santa Barbara. I am really excited to go there since I have heard great things. There looks to be tons of things to do like wine tastings, shopping, good restaurants and shows. I also like that there is legal weed in California. There is really no location other than Santa Barbara to go for legal weed. I don’t want to pick up cannabis right after traveling all day. I don’t want to do a cannabis delivery while getting ready for my wedding day and Big Sur doesn’t have any dispensaries nearby. So I have my fiance and I staying in Santa Barbara for three days. I picked a hotel right by the recreational cannabis dispensary. One day we are going to get high and eat at good restaurants. Another day I have a wine tasting booked for us and a fancy dinner. The last day has us shopping and walking around the city. It will be an amazing honeymoon.

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