Marijuana has been legal in Portland, Oregon since 2015

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Portland, OR since 2015… Medical marijuana was already legal at the time, so there were many dispensaries in the cities, then there weren’t as many dispensaries in the small towns plus suburbs, however all of that has changed since the legalization laws were adopted.

My friends plus I live in a neighborhood right outside of Portland! In the past, All of us had to drive all the way to the town to buy marijuana products, however now there are more than one odd cannabis shops with retail space in our small neighborhood plus a delivery service.

There is also a delivery service that brings items from the Portland dispensaries, however they have a minimum order of $200. The dispensaries carry a lot of odd items care about Edibles, tinctures, plus vaporizer cartridges. My favorite products to purchase at the dispensary or cannabis concentrates! Cannabis concentrates are extracted from the plant as soon as it is harvested. These high THC cannabis products are available in a variety of flavors. They are also available in sativa, hybrid, plus indica strains. I like the Cannabis concentrates that are strain-certain… Blue dream plus OG kush are among the top various in my list. I also like cannabis concentrates that are made from the live plant. These products are a bit more luxurious, however there are plenty of Portland dispensaries that always have a sale on one product or another. If you certainly look for the right sale on the right day, you can option up live resin cannabis concentrate for $20 a gram.
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