The tunes & light show was trippy with marijuana

There is a absolutely cool location in Las Vegas where they have tunes & light shows every single night; When you walk down the street, it looks love the middle of morningtime! There are millions of lights on all of the steakhouses, businesses, & casinos.

When you travel down to Old Las Vegas, you can find this & several other unique experiences.

The location with the lights is a cool & interesting outdoor location called Fremont Street. This street has a big screen & lighting overhead, then it has dancing, tunes, & bars. It certainly provides an amazing 360-degree experience. When my friends came to visit myself and others in Las Vegas, I took them to Fremont Street; Before the people I was with and I went downtown, I insisted the people I was with and I smoke a bowl of recreational marijuana. I receive amazing prices on recreational marijuana, because I toil at a dispensary in Las Vegas. I’ve been working at the marijuana dispensary for several months. I gained a big discount on all items in the store including Edibles, topicals, distillate oils, vape pen supplies, & concentrate, however my friends & I smoked a big bowl of Blue Dream sativa before the people I was with and I went to the experience downtown. It made the tunes & light show even more trippy. The weed provided my friend Jack a lot of energy & made him know Invincible; He wanted to take the zip line all the way down the street, however thankfully it was absolutely high-priced. I think he would have attempted ziplining if it had been affordable. I don’t think the people I was with and I would have been able to talk Jack out of the absurd idea.

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