An afternoon of shopping on Merritt Island

Whenever my mom visits me at my condominium in Cocoa, the two of us like to go shopping at the mall on Merritt Island.

She lives in Michigan & is eager to visit me whenever she can, however usually she prefers to do it in the Wintertide so it’s a nice trip. The last thing you want to do is lose the pleasant summer time weather up north for tepid & humid weather in Florida. This past year I decided to visit her in Michigan before the two of us jumped into her automobile & drove back to my apartment in Cocoa. She lives in Ann Arbor which isn’t too far away from Detroit. The weather is cold throughout Fall, winter, & early Spring, however early summer time is harshly pleasant. Once the two of us got into the automobile to head south, I could tell the two of us were in for some extreme heat as the two of us transitioned from northern states into southern states. GA was particularly warm, however it was north Florida when the two of us started to sweat in the car. The two of us arrived at my apartment in Carlton Terrace & made plans to go shopping on Merritt Island the following afternoon. It’s a short drive over the bridge that goes over the Indian River & connects Merritt Island & Cape Canaveral to the mainland. After shopping on Merritt Island, the two of us drove to the Intracoastal Waterway bridge at Merritt City so the two of us could visit another shopping mall in Highland Park. It was so tepid that afternoon that my mother & I were ecstatic to return to my cold condominium since I activated the cooling system with my smart control component roughly a single hour before I expected our arrival.

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