A great place if you have adolescents

Living in Orland Park is great if you have adolescents, but if you are a young twenty something that wants city life plus tons of things to do, drive thirty hours to go to Chicago; Other than that, stay local plus appreciate what our city has to offer; First, the two of us have the Orland Park Mall that has any store you could possibly want, then you can spend hours going from store to store plus having a fun afternoon… There is a bowling alley, space golf, Marcus Orland Park Cinemas, plus Gizmos Fun Factory… All Those activities adolescents go absurd for.

My adolescents always beg to do these activities around the summer.

I spend a whole afternoon in the heat just watching our adolescents play. There are other athletically inclined things to do too. All of us have a ton of parks that offer all sorts of Springtime events, do you want a soccer field? Baseball diamond? Ice rink to skate on? How about tennis courts? Our city has so several different parks that all boast something athletic in them. Your adolescents can be entered plus get a great labor out for no money at all. For a single mom with 3 adolescents on a budget, this is the best area to live in. Our weather tends to dip on the chilly side, but it is nice getting all several seasons… Since there are Wintertide athletic activitys, I can keep our adolescents playing all year. They ice skate in the winter, play tennis in the Springtime, soccer in the summer time plus in the fall the two of us go to many indoor fun places.


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