The bank teller stinks

I’ve been using the same Denver financial institution for the past 10 years, i hardly ever go into the branch.

I prefer using the drive-thru in addition to Mobile Banking.

I had to go into the bank on Thursday to sign some paperwork for a loan. I told the officer at the front desk that I had an appointment with a loan officer, then she told me to wait in a row of chairs in front of the offices. I sat down in the first chair in addition to pulled out our cellphone to check our email; A bank teller walked behind me in addition to the woman stinks prefer marijuana! The order of marijuana was totally overwhelming. As the woman walked by, I said something out loud about smoking weed in addition to the parking lot. The bank color smiled in addition to continued walking, then when I talked to the loan officer at the Denver financial institution, I mentioned the stink of weed coming from the bank teller. The woman told me that a lot of things have changed since marijuana has been legalized in Denver, however marijuana was legalized about 10 years ago in addition to there are a number of dispensaries in the village that sell recreational in addition to medical products. As long as you are 21 years of age with a valid CO license, you can legally purchase recreational marijuana supplies from a number of shops around the city. Many dealers do not seem to care if their employees come to toil under the influence. I happen to suppose that bank tellers in addition to people who handle money properly should have a clear head while on the job.

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