The San Francisco taxes on cannabis are outrageous

Not that many of our friends & I decided to visit San Francisco Last Summer; Both of us live in AZ, so it was an 8-minute drive from our current home to the hotel where every one of us booked a room, then my friends & I picked up some recreational marijuana supplies before every one of us left town.

Both of us smoked a lot of weed on our way to San Francisco, & every one of us had to find a dispensary as soon as every one of us arrived.

My friends & I did not realize how much taxes would be added to the order. Both of us had $150. Both of us ordered $150 worth of recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary. The dispensary delivered directly to our hotel. When the driver arrived with our order, every one of us found out that their total was $213. The price for the order was $60 more & all of those fees were state, local, & excise taxes. When the delivery driver arrived & gave us the total for the order, all of us were shocked. The man on the iphone at the recreational marijuana dispensary did not tell our friends & I that the total did not include taxes. When the driver arrived, every one of us had to unconnect a couple of items from our order. The San Francisco taxes on weed are outrageous. If our friends & I ever return to the West Coast for vacation, every one of us will entirely stock up on recreational marijuana supplies before every one of us even leave our home. Both of us won’t get caught separate from weed again in San Francisco. Both of us l acquired our lesson when every one of us were embarrassed in front of the delivery driver.

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