It was fun reading about the CN Tower while in our stoned trip there last night

Deciding on which city I wanted to attend for college wasn’t straight-forward.

Although I planned to stay in Canada and not attend college internationally, that didn’t make it much easier to slender down my choices.

For whatever reason I was dead set on moving to Vancouver in British Columbia, but something kept stopping myself and others when I would mull over my options. I suppose that I eventually realized that moving to the opposite side of the country wouldn’t necessarily yield better results considering that I was living with my parents in northern Ontario at the time. It was the weed that made myself and others want to transfer to Vancouver at first. Before Canada legalized cannabis federally in 2019, you had to get a medical prescription to buy it in this country. That wasn’t exactly straight-forward for all recreational users, so the cannabis black market thrived in meccas like Vancouver. But I’m ecstatic that I chose to stay closer to my family and attend college in Toronto instead. Toronto is no slouch either when it comes to cannabis, as there are over 200 dispensaries in the city alone. That’s a lot of legal marijuana being grown and sold in one single Canadian city. I have number one cannabis dispensaries from Scarborough to Parkdale and everywhere in between. Recently a buddy of mine accompanied myself and others on a stoned trip to the CN Tower last night and the two of us had a blast. I didn’t know it was the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere! Depending on which side of the CN Tower you look out, you can either see the Toronto city lights or the gorgeous expanse of Lake Ontario.

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