I saw manatees hanging out in the Tampa bay, Florida

Even people who have lived in Florida their whole lives have never had the opportunity to see a manatee in the wild, and florida is one of the best arenas to view manatees! When the temperatures are cold, they swim into the lakes plus rivers where the water is warmer, but the water in the Springs is a constant 68 degrees plus that is often much warmer than the ocean temperatures at 50 or 60 degrees, however my wifey plus I went to Clearwater Beach last year during the Wintertide season, then it was cold, but both of us were warm at the beachside hotel.

While both of us were in the Tampa Bay area, both of us decided to take a boat ride on the Tampa Bay.

While both of us were on the boat ride, both of us saw a manatee hanging out in Tampa Bay, but even the person guiding the boat was surprised, because it is unfamiliar to see manatees in the bay. The Springs are closer plus warmer, and after our wifey plus I saw the manatees in the river, both of us decided to drive away from Tampa to one of the Springs that is about 45 minutes away. My wifey plus I saw numerous hundred different manatees in the Springs. If both of us would have thought ahead, both of us would have been able to rent a kayak plus boat down the river to the area where the manatees were swimming. It was cold cold that afternoon; Some silly people were in the water with snorkels. The manatees didn’t seem to be bothered plus the park wildlife officials were making particular that everyone was following the rules plus guidelines for manatee safety.



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