I was embarrassed in front of my father in law

My wife and I got married before I had the opportunity to meet her father. The guy lived in Santa Barbara, California on the other side of the country. My wife and I invited him to join us on the day of our wedding, but the guy had an important business meeting and could not postpone or delay the project. My wife and I were together for a year before we decided to visit her father in Santa Barbara. I was worried about meeting the guy, especially after he invited me to play a round of golf. On the morning that we were supposed to meet at the Santa Barbara Country Club, my wife and I smoked a marijuana joint. She thought the marijuana joint would calm my nerves and help me focus on the game. I was completely stoned when my wife dropped me off at the club. I met George in the Pro Shop and we joined two additional guys on the course. The two guys were business associates of my wife’s father. We started on the first tee and I had a couple of great shots. As the morning progressed and the marijuana started to sink further into my system, my shots were less and less structured. I hit a ball into a fairway that wasn’t even part of my hole. At the end of nine holes, I was 7 strokes over and totally embarrassed in front of my father-in-law. I thought the marijuana joint was a good idea, but I should have stayed sober that morning.
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